Unique approach to negotiation

Published: Wednesday 14th October 2015

Understanding how our thoughts and emotions affect our behaviour is critical, yet often misunderstood.  If correctly identified, we can see how they generate a large range of micro behaviours that help or hinder our ability to negotiate, and is the focus of Allan Parkers work. His Executive Negotiation Program is running in Melbourne from 1 to 3 December. This leads into the Graduate Certificate in Negotiation,  the only degree in negotiation offered in Australia.

Allan has trained and consulted with organisations across all sectors, including the NSW Bar Association, Macquarie Bank, Royal College of Physicians and the United Nations.

His unique approach takes participants far beyond standard negotiation models, giving them a deeper understanding of human thinking, emotions and behaviour in the context of negotiations, big or small.

The focus is on co-creating and 'maximising for all' to create a new quality of human interaction, business flow and richer success every day.

Peter Maher, CEO of St Vincent De Paul Queensland says:  “I consider this program to be the most useful and rewarding of any that I have done to date - and I have done over 9 years of full time tertiary study. The program is brilliant, challenging and gives you the skills to work more effectively with people."

For more information, please register your interest here or call Tom Stockell in ACU Executive Education on 02 9239 2842