Make the most of your PRP

Published: Monday 9th March 2015

Do you want to maximise the value of your next Performance Review and Planning (PRP) meeting?

Do you need a refresher on the PRP process?

Or are you conducting or participating in the PRP process for the first time?

Information session have been developed to assist you with getting the most out of each stage of the PRP.

Sessions run in the first half of the year for professional staff and supervisors, and in the second half of the year for academic staff and supervisors.

Information sessions for professional staff and their supervisors

Every year between January and June, professional staff and their supervisor meet to reflect on and discuss the staff member's work performance and achievements. As part of the PRP conversation, they also set performance, career and professional development goals and activities moving forward.

The PRP process provides a framework to align the staff member's performance achievements and development with ACU's strategic objectives. The process also supports the ongoing achievement of a culture of performance excellence at ACU.

About the information sessions

The PRP information sessions are designed to prepare staff and supervisors to conduct the PRP discussions in 2015. The information sessions cover each stage of the PRP process, using the PRP pro-forma, and offer tips and hints for both staff and supervisors at each stage of the process.

Session details for staff

Thursday 26 February 2015Video conference12pm to 1pm
Tuesday 17 March 2015Video conference12pm to 1pm
Thursday 23 April 2015Video conference12pm to 1pm
Tuesday 12 May 2015Video conference12pm to 1pm

Session details for supervisors

Thursday 19 March 2015Video conference12pm to 1pm
Tuesday 21 April 2015Video conference12pm to 1pm
Thursday 14 May 2015Video conference12pm to 1pm

Please note, the information sessions are scheduled for AEDST.

Video conference rooms in each location are:

  • Brisbane Campus: Room AC.22 and Hub 12
  • North Sydney Campus: VC Room, Level 16, Tenison Woods House
  • Strathfield Campus: VC Room E2.45
  • Canberra Campus: Room 1.10
  • Ballarat Campus: Room 503
  • Melbourne Campus: Room TBC

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  • PRPPSP (supervisor session)
  • PRPPST (staff session)

Further information

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