Tip of the Week

Published: Thursday 16th October 2014

Customer service excellence – leave a great impression with these quick tips for being engaging in person, over the phone or over email.


Five fast tips for fantastic phone manner:


1.     Smile. Pretend the caller is right in front of you and smile when you answer the phone. Smiles can often come across in your voice.  Be sure you are not eating, drinking, or chewing gum.

2.     Project a tone that is cheerful, confident and helpful.  Speak slowly and clearly to ensure the caller can understand what you are saying.  The caller cannot see you, so make sure your voice is inviting and calm.

3.     Regulate your speed and volume.  Some people tend to speak louder than usual when they are on the phone – do you?  If so, take a deep breath before you answer the phone and try avoid shouting by speaking slowly with a lower volume.

4.     Use a standard greeting. Your greeting should include an appropriate salutation such as “good morning” or “good afternoon”. Thank the person for calling, identify yourself and your company or department, and ask how you can be of assistance.  A clear and concise greeting may sound like: “Good morning, thank you for calling ACU (or your Department if answering an internal call). This is Joe, how may I help you?”

5.     Be prepared.  Have a note pad and pen next to your phone, so you can jot down caller’s information straight away such as their name and where they are from.  It will give the caller a great first impression that you recall their name easily during the conversation.  Nothing is worse than asking for the caller’s name after they have already given it!


 Engaging with Customers and Stakeholders workshop


 Want to take your customer service skills to the next level? To wow a customer, it helps to put yourself in their place and provide the customer service you would like to receive.


 ACU staff in Canberra can register to attend an upcoming Engaging with Customers and Stakeholders workshop and deepen knowledge of effective customer service strategies in the ACU context. Workshop topics will include getting to know your customer, providing customer service via phone and email and how to deal with difficult behaviour.


 A two separate sessions will be held at Canberra in the morning and the afternoon on Thursday 30 October.  Register now to attend.


Power up your people skills in a few minutes


ACU staff on any location can boost their people skills by watching short clips from the Customer Service Fundamentals series available in the ACU online training video library.


To watch the clips, click the ‘Log in’ button, choose ‘login through your organisation or school’ and enter www.acu.edu.au into the organisation box if prompted.  You will then be prompted to log in by providing your ACU staff username and password.


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