Stories about hope

Published: Wednesday 6th July 2016

Stories about Hope is a multimedia social art project featuring people from refugee background. It initially started as an autobiographical project and grew to highlight seven inspirational stories of resilience. The project features people from refugee background who managed to rebuild their lives out of shattering experiences. We invite everyone to celebrate their resilience, strength, and survival. Essentially this is a story about human strength and dignity.

The project consists of short documentary films, portraits and a book that will have all stories in greater detail. The profit from books sold will be donated to the organisations that are working with people seeking asylum.

People behind the project are Nadine Koroleva (artist) and Krystyna Posunkina (ACU HDR Student at the Institute for Social Justice). Nadine and Krystyna arrived to Australia seeking asylum. This project is their way of showing that despite your past, you can always rebuild your life and achieve success.

If you would like to support Stories about Hope and become a part of something bigger, please click here to find out how you can help.