SELT survey: Opportunity to include an additional item/question

Published: Monday 14th September 2015

The new ‘Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching’ (SELT) survey is being implemented University-wide in the 2015 Second Half evaluation cycle. SELT replaces both Student Evaluation of Unit (SEU) and Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) surveys. SELT surveys will be conducted for all coursework units with 10 or more students (i.e., staff do not have to request for such surveys) in accordance with the Evaluation of Learning and Teaching Policy and related Procedures.

In addition to the SELT core items (rating-type questions) that will be automatically included in the survey, each teaching staff member (lecturer/tutor) has the opportunity to include one additional item of their own composition in relation to their teaching in a unit.

Personalised email invitations to write an additional item/question for the SELT surveys have already been sent to staff members, who have been confirmed as teaching in unit(s) that are offered during the following teaching periods of 2015:
  • Semester 2 (201560)
  • Trimester 3 (201572)
  • Professional Term 6 (201565)
  • Professional Term 7 (201570)
  • Professional Term 8 (201597)
The opportunity to include an optional additional item/question in SELT survey will close on Wednesday, 23 September 2015.

With regards to personalised email invitations, one of the following situations applies to each ACU staff.

Situation A - If you received an email invitation sent from, it means:
I. Your name has been verified by your respective Faculty or School nominee for online surveys of units/teaching.
II. Your details are available in the staff directory maintained by Human Resources.
III. The number of students enrolled in the Banner unit was found to be at least 10.

Situation B - If you did not receive an email invitation, then the criteria listed in Situation A were not met.

Situation C - If you received the email invitation and you are not teaching in a unit that is shown on the ‘Evaluations’ block in LEO front page, please inform immediately, so that we can remove your name from the specific survey(s) before students are invited to complete the surveys.

For further information on SELT surveys, please visit

All enquiries regarding the SELT process should be addressed to

Thank you.