SELT survey information/access through LEO

Published: Wednesday 18th May 2016

ACU staff and students can access the Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching (SELT) online survey environment through the LEO front page. The section (block) relating to SELT surveys is located below ‘Staff Notices’ for staff, and below the Calendar for students.

Student view

When a student logs into LEO with their ACU student username and password, the 'Evaluations - Tasks' block will be visible below the Calendar on LEO front page. The block will show the SELT surveys that are currently open, and the student can click on any one of them to complete the survey.

Staff view

When a staff member logs into LEO, they will see two blocks. The 'Evaluations - Tasks' block will allow staff to request an optional item for their SELT surveys at specific times and view real-time response rates for SELT surveys (one week after the survey has been ‘live’ for students to complete), while the other ‘Evaluations’ block will enable staff to view/download survey reports (if any) for completed surveys.

Online resource for SELT
The Staff and Student Guides relating to the blocks are available in the Resources section of the Evaluations website. This website also provides other relevant information and resources for SELT surveys (Survey schedule, FAQ’s, Evaluation News, etc.).

If staff members are unable to find answers to their questions on SELT surveys in this online resource, their queries should be directed to