Revised Policy on Review by the University Visitor

Published: Monday 3rd August 2015

The Vice-Chancellor has approved a revised Policy on Review by the University Visitor of Appeals or Complaints by Students, effective 1 August 2015.  

The policy and associated procedures have been approved, in line with the revised Student Appeals Policy and Student Complaint Management Policy.

The policy and procedures are now in line with the ACU Policy on Policy Development, with the key revision being reduction of the maximum timeframes for finalising Reviews by the University Visitor, along with the separation of Policy and Procedures and some refinements for improvement in clarity and the adoption of plain English.

Please note that any application for Review of Appeal by the University Visitor that has been submitted prior to 1 August will be dealt with under the previous Visitor Policy - Students Policy that was in place at the time of lodgement.

We would like to encourage any staff who have a role in the student appeals or complaints process, to familiarise themselves with the new Policy and Procedures at