Professional Development Opportunities

Published: Monday 28th September 2015

Listed below are a number of professional development programs which are offered by ACU or are available through external providers across the tertiary education sector. Staff are encouraged to review learning opportunities and to liaise with their supervisor if they are interested in participating. You can register through the links provided.  If you have any questions, please contact Leadership & Competencies Development Facilitator, Clint Rahe on extension 2298.

Study Support
The University supports staff learning and eligible staff can apply for Study Support for a nationally-recognised award course of study from a public or private provider (subject to eligibility criteria). For more information on Study Support visit the HR website.

Australian Catholic University

ACU offers a number professional development programs for staff, run by in-house trainers.  

There is no cost for attendance for these programs, and all interested continuing and fixed-term staff are encouraged to register. 

5S in the Office
Melbourne - 6 October

5S in the Office is a 5 step process aimed at reducing waste and optimising productivity through maintaining an orderly workplace and using visual cues to achieve more consistent operational results. 

Worklife Balance Seminar - Mental Health Awareness
Video Conference - 8 October

A large number of Australian adults will suffer from some form of common mental problem. One in five women and one in eight men will experience depression in their lifetime. Therefore a friend, family member or work colleague may experience mental health difficulties at some stage in their life and will be in need of support. This presentation aims to raise awareness on common mental health issues and equip participants with strategies and tips for providing support to those close to us.

PRP for Academic Staff
Video Conference - 13 October

The Performance Review and Planning (PRP) process also gives academic staff clarity regarding how they make a contribution to ACU’s achievement of a culture of performance excellence through their role and the alignment of their performance objectives with the University’s strategic goals.  Find out how to get the most out of your PRP conversation. 

PRP for Supervisors of Academic Staff
Video Conference - 15 October

This information session assists supervisors to gain practical insights to how to manage the Performance Review and Planning (PRP) process and how to hold effective PRP conversations with their Academic staff members. 

In addition, ACU Faculties offer the following opportunities for staff on a fee-paying basis:

Master of Business Administration (Executive)
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne  - Six start dates- 2015/2016     
The MBA (Executive) is designed for experienced managers and professionals who aspire to executive roles - critical and creative thinkers for whom ethical, informed and sustainable decision-making will define their management style.  The course is designed to allow each unit to be taught intensively over the course of 24 weekends.  Invest in your future and enhance your skills to progress your career. The Faculty of Law and Business is pleased to announce that all staff are eligible for a 10% discount.  This discount is in addition to all benefits received through ACU.  Learn more about our staff discount here.  You can also register to attend a free MBAE Masterclass on 23 October in Brisbane or  30 October in Melbourne.
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
National, Online Semester 1 2016

The Graduate Certificate in Higher Education is for teachers and other educational professionals who want to improve their tertiary teaching and gain formal qualifications in post-secondary education.  The course allows teachers to reflect on current education theory and adult/tertiary student learning research from the perspective of their own teaching experiences. The emphasis is on improving student learning rather than on instructional methods. 

Master of Educational Assessment
Online, Semester 1 2016

This course is for teachers, administrators and others who want to develop professional knowledge and understanding in educational assessment. The course aims to produce experts and leaders in designing and evaluating assessment policies and practices based on foundational principles and research.  

External Professional Development 

The following programs are run by external providers across the tertiary sector.  

Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)

Essential Dashboards In Excel 
Sydney 02 October 2015 9:00am - 5:00pm 
With the huge amount of data available to us every day, a well-built and designed dashboard report is one of the best ways to interpret and communicate large quantities of information. Learn how to synthesise information into a logical framework, summarise it into a meaningful format, and then display the summary into easy-to-read tables and graphs.
Developing Inter-cultural Intelligence
Brisbane: 13 October 2015 9:00am – 5.00pm
Strategic workshop introducing key concepts, tools and techniques to enable you to anticipate, correctly interpret, and adjust to the culturally defined behaviours of others. Inter-cultural intelligence gives business leaders the skills to improve communication, build effective relationships across cultures, adapt quickly to new cultural dynamics and to create long-term sustainable success.
Resilience And Influencing Skills For EA/PA In The Higher Education Sector
Melbourne: 13 October 2015 9:30am - 4:00pm 
This customised full day workshop focuses on the unique challenges and responsibilities of these roles.  The first half looks at different people types using vocational values to understand personal energy and motivation, career satisfaction and resilience.  We discuss tips for continuing enjoying the role and minimise feeling overloaded by demands and pressures.  The second half of the day covers emotional intelligence skills for working successfully and influentially, with busy senior staff and managers.
Effective Communication Skills
Melbourne: 1 Octobber 2015 9:30am to 5:00pm
Research indicates that people of all ages can learn specific communication skills that lead to improved relationships and increased vocational competence.
This workshop covers a range of verbal and non-verbal interpersonal communication skills required to interrelate with other people effectively, particularly in the workplace.  It aims to assist participants to be able to communicate more professionally with colleagues and clients.
Introduction To Event Management
Perth: 16 October 2015 
ATEM can help.  This introductory program is designed especially for staff at tertiary institutions who run events as part of their job and would like to develop their skills in event management.

Managing Very Difficult Workplace Behaviour 
Online: 19 September 2015 9:00am – 12:00pm
This workshop provides frameworks for understanding, defining and managing difficult behaviour, including a range of approaches and techniques for dealing with specific behaviours in the workplace.

Admissions Managers And Officers Symposium
Melbourne: 19 September 2015 9:00am – 5:00pm
Following the success of last years Admissions Symposium held at ACU in Sydney, ATEM members and admissions practioners have requested another session , this time in Melbourne.
No tertiary educational institution can survive without the vital admissions function which in the past decade has become increasingly sophisticated, targeted and requiring a distinct skill set.
A Problem Shared Is A Problem Solved Panel Discussion
Melbourne: 20 September 2015 2:30pm – 5:00pm
Budget constraints and increased demand for efficiency over recent years has led to a growing trend in tertiary education institutions to implement a shared services business model. What do these shared services models look like in practice? What impact do these business models have on efficiency and effectiveness? What can we learn from these experiences?
Essential Excel For Business Administration
Melbourne: 30 October 2015 9:00am – 5:00pm
Specifically designed for business administrators who need to take their Excel skills to the next level, this intensive full day course focusses on the technical Excel skills required in everyday administration roles.  This very practical course covers everything you need to perform your job and nothing you don’t!
Business Writing Essentials
Sydney: 30 October 2015 9:00am – 5:00pm
Update your writing skills and boost your credibility with this popular one-day program. This workshop is packed full of tips to help you create clear, persuasive documents that get the results you want. We explore real-life samples of workplace documents, from reports, memos and business cases, to policies, procedures and emails. You’ll learn how to structure and plan these documents, present an effective case, write clearly for your audience, and apply correct style for the Australian workplace.
Writing For The Web
Sydney: 30 October 2015 9:00am – 5:00pm
This one-day workshop covers a range of online writing needs for Australian organisations. We’ll use plenty of hands-on activities and samples from websites and online publications in Australia and overseas. You’ll learn how to create a voice for your organisation, plan and structure material to publish online, present for impact on screen, and write with clarity. You’ll also pick up a few handy tips on emailing, editing and Australian style.
Project Management Concepts, Tools And Applications
Sydney: 30 October 2015 9:00am – 5:00pm
Are you finding you are being asked to lead more and more projects or initiatives, yet still have your day job to do as well? Do you feel like the “accidental” project manager when you have to navigate your way through managing a project as best you can? Project management skills are not just for project managers, but are essential for all of us! This one day workshop is designed for professional staff who would like to put a structure to their projects and workload. It aims to give you a structure to follow and the opportunity to apply key tools to start, plan and deliver on a project.
Building Effective Workplace Relationships 
Sydney: 30 October 2015 9:00am – 5:00pm
This workshop is for all participants seeking to ‘be the change they wish to see in the workplace (world)” (paraphrased - Mahatma Ghandi). Be part of this workshop opportunity to gain an insight into workplace culture, and find out how you can positively impact and influence your workplace.
Managing Committees And Minute Taking 
Sydney: 30 October 2015 9:00am – 5:00pm
The role of a committee Executive Officer in universities is not just about taking minutes, but understanding the full committee cycle, from the establishment of a committee and its Terms of Reference, to preparing agendas, taking and writing minutes, completing follow-up action items and preparing reports and agenda items. Effective committee management is crucial to enabling individuals and groups to work productively and accomplish their objectives.

*ATEM also has a number Priority Place Programs for a selection of on-demand events, to improve the flexibility and accessibility of courses. These events will run once a minimum number of attendees have registered. Please browse the ATEM program listings for more information.
ACU holds a corporate membership with ATEM which allows staff to attend programs at a reduced rate. When registering, indicate that you work for ACU and you will be entitled to the Affiliate rate. View ATEM’s 2015 Training Calendar

LH Martin Institute

Maintaining Quality within Institutions
Online: 28 September – 20 November 2015
Maintaining Quality within Institutions focuses on how people undertake, define, measure, monitor and improve quality and quality assurance processes and procedures within tertiary
education. Tertiary education institutions are under mounting pressure to demonstrate their quality as a measure of social and financial accountability to students, the public and the government. This subject will enable students to understand the contexts and approaches of internal quality monitoring, addressing and exploring a range of theoretical, cultural, methodological and practical considerations. 
Operating an External Quality Agency
Online: 28 September – 20 November 2015
This subject deals with aspects of operating an external quality assurance agency (QA agency) building on the concepts and frameworks in quality assurance introduced in the previous compulsory subjects. The focus here is on the practical aspects of providing QA services that ensure quality of programs or institutions either through initial accreditation or later through re-accreditation or quality review and improvement strategies.
Institutional Research in Tertiary Education
Online: 28 September – 20 November 2015
This subject provides an overview of key elements of institutional research in tertiary education, to provide participants with knowledge and insights in areas such as:
  • the foundations of institutional research: its history, emergence as a profession, contexts of application, and the role it plays in institutional governance and management
  • international developments, concepts and approaches: the emergence of benchmarks and rankings and the use of institutional classifications
  • analytic resources: common tools, techniques and technologies
  • common domains of analysis: student enrolments, progression and completion, programs of study, research activity, workforce planning.

Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA)

Disciplinary Investigations
Adelaide: 21 October 2015    

This one day program will develop participants’ understanding of the disciplinary procedures which apply in the higher education sector. This program focuses on the unique characteristics of disciplinary processes in the higher education sector and provides practitioners with a ‘hands on’ guide to dealing with allegations of misconduct/serious misconduct. 

Topics covered
  • the history of university disciplinary procedures (‘Bryant Award’)
  • an overview of the disciplinary process
  • misconduct, serious misconduct and suspension
  • preliminary/informal investigations
  • drafting allegations
  • preparing for the committee process
  • independent investigations
  • misconduct investigation committees.
Workplace Relations Practitioner Program
Adelaide, Melbourne: 6 & 7, 29 & 20 October 2015

This program delivered over 2 half days covers strategic industrial relations issues and case studies appropriate to senior practitioners.

Participants undertake a complex case study and attend a networking dinner as part of the program. 

Topics covered
  • termination of employment provisions - Fair Work Act 2009
  • fixed-term employment
  • dispute settlement
  • discipline
  • redundancy
  • workplace change
  • adverse action.
Managing Very Difficult Workplace Behavior
Melbourne, Brisbane: 5, 14 October 2015

This workshop provides frameworks for understanding, defining and managing difficult behaviour; including a range of approaches and techniques for dealing with specific behaviours in the workplace.

Topics covered

  • difficult behaviours at work
  • managing difficult behaviours
  • assessment and management of specific behaviour
  • building personal and organisational support

Online training library

Provided by
ACU staff have free unlimited access to a vast online library of training videos at

Have a look at some suggested videos below, or to browse the whole library, log in using your ACU staff username and password. The videos are segmented into chapters so you can pick up handy tips even if you only have 10 minutes to spare!  Interactive exercise sheets are also available to some topics so you can practise your new skills.

Writing Email  
Duration: 1h 13m

Discover the secrets to writing powerful emails your colleagues will read and answer by crafting your message and delivery. In this short course, author and business writing professor Judy Steiner-Williams shows you how to write emails for maximum readability and impact. 

Creating Customer Value 
Duration: 33m 50s

Customer loyalty expert Jill Griffin explains how customers form perceptions of your brand, why they switch brands, and how you can manage the relationship between your brand, your product/service, and your price—so they see why your offering is valuable and remain loyal. She offers seven proven methods to maximize value and differentiate your product/service, drawing on real-world examples from companies such as Zappos, 3M, and Amazon. Plus, get a 10-day action plan that will help your company or team find fresh ways to bring value to customers.

Study Skills Fundamentals  
Duration: 1h 36m

Whether you want to ace your next test or simply retain information better (at work or at home), good study habits are essential. Paul Nowak offers tips for improving your reading speed and comprehension, creating detailed notes, committing the learning to memory, and even taking tests. The information in this course is appropriate for all levels of learners, from grade school and grad students to full-time members of the workforce. Start watching now—you'll never approach studying the same way again.