My mission, my job

Published: Tuesday 30th August 2016

Research Systems and Reporting Senior Manager, Mr Rod Lewis, says it was “fascinating to learn more about the Catholic intellectual tradition” on his recent trip to the Mission Integration Institute (MII) at the University of San Diego.

Mr Lewis was one of a number of ACU staff who attended this year’s trip which took place in June. For the past four years, ACU has been sending staff to the MII to provide an opportunity to explore and reflect on our Catholic identity and Mission. The MII program is designed for entry-level and mid-career professionals working in Catholic higher education.

The program included presentations by staff at the University of San Diego, group work and breakout sessions all centered on developing a deeper understanding of the University’s mission and how you carry it through to your daily work. Mr Lewis said “It is important to keep our Mission at the forefront of your mind. It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day busyness of work life, but how we deal with our colleagues is important and something we shouldn’t lose sight of.”

The week-long program focused on issues concerning:

  • Background and understanding of the Catholic intellectual tradition
  • Integrating Mission into your approach to work
  • Keeping the Mission centred to your thinking in dealings with people
  • Discussion of issues impacting on Mission

There was also opportunity for daily reflection, meditation and prayer.

Mr Lewis says an example of how he will apply the Mission to his job will be to have greater awareness of the individuals in his team and their personal journeys and development. “We are so often focused on outcomes - we need to be more aware of the personal aspects of the team.”