Lower Oval upgrade a win for sports teams, spectators, and environment

Published: Monday 21st March 2016

The Brisbane Campus Lower Oval is getting a makeover that will improve conditions for sports teams, boost comfort for spectators, and involve an innovative scheme to recycle water.

The works, which will be completed in April, include resurfacing the oval to provide an even, resilient playing surface that is much easier to maintain, and the installation of 100 kilolitres of rainwater tanks under the playing surface.

These tanks will receive storm-water run-off from the oval, which will in turn be used to water the oval, and offset the use of mains-water on the oval.

“Brisbane Campus uses more water than any other ACU campus, so any measure that enables a reduction in campus mains-water consumption will deliver environmental and financial benefits,” Director of Properties Michael Tracey said.

“The rainwater tanks are designed to allow an increase in capacity in the future, should that be necessary or desirable.”

In another environmentally measure, much of the soil excavated from the oval is being re-used on Campus, which avoids sending the material to landfill.

Spectators will be the big winners with Lower Oval’s new tiered, shaded seating.

The tiers will follow the contours of the oval berm, which reduces the need for excavation and the pavilion will use sustainable timber, and local suppliers.