I am not anonymous

Published: Wednesday 14th October 2015

Message from Associate Vice Chancellor (Victoria)  Dr John Ballard: A new art installation in the Mary Glowrey Building on the St. Patrick’s Campus evokes the foundation stone of Catholic Social Teachings: acknowledging human dignity, the recognition and acceptance of the uniqueness of each person.

Titled ‘I am not anonymous’, the installation is a bright neon tube in cursive script, illuminating in vivid colours the words ‘I am’ followed by a pause and then ‘not anonymous’.

This is the work of social artist Konstantin (Kon) Dimpopoulos and part of his recent exhibition at Fehily Contemporary Galleries titled ‘Mind at the end of its tether’. This exhibition followed on from Kon’s ‘Purple Rain’ installation in the St. Mary of the Cross Square throughout May to July of this year, aimed at personalising the “global issue of homelessness” and recognition that homelessness does not equate with hopelessness.

Kon is a multidisciplinary artist, his works incorporate sculpture, installation, performance, painting and drawing in the creation of monumental imagery, social and environmental interventions and conceptual proposals that argue for the potential of art as a means of social engagement and change.

I have noted many students stand and contemplate the work, some taking photographs. The installation is on the ground floor landing of the stairs, opposite reception in the Mary Glowrey Building. I hope you take the opportunity to view the piece as you move around the Campus.