Heart of Africa

Published: Wednesday 15th April 2015

Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research Director Professor Simon Stewart, in collaboration with leading cardiologists from Africa, recently met with fellow editors to finalise plans for Heart of Africa; a book describing the development of an increasingly robust network of heart health researchers across the African continent.

Heart of Africa book cover
Image: Heart of Africa front cover design 

Heart of Africa features the "best-of" research in Africa, focusing on heart disease over the past decade. It contains key contributions from leading African clinicians and researchers, including Professor Bongani Myosi from Cape Town University, who describes research to improve health outcomes of those affected by infectious forms of heart disease; Professor Albertino Damasceno from Eduardo University in Mozambique, who describes the impact of non-communicable forms of heart disease; and Dr Ogah from Abuja Hospital in Nigeria, who outlines the spectrum and burden of heart failure in the region.

The book represents an African-first and reflects the Institute's long-standing research collaborations (including the internationally renowned, Heart of Soweto Study) which monitor and respond to the evolving impact of heart disease in Africa.

Heart of Africa book editorial meeting 
Image: Professor Simon Stewart with the editorial team of Heart of Africa in Maputo, Mozambique.

Heart of Africa is led and funded by Professor Stewart and his team, who are also donating 600 free copies to clinicians and researchers in Africa delivering care to those affected by heart disease across the continent.

President of the Pan-African Society of Cardiology Professor Bongani Myosi will launch the book in Tunisia this year.