HDR Supervisor Training 2: Modules 1 & 2

Published: Monday 20th October 2014

Module 1: The PROJECT

Wednesday 10 December 1pm – 4.30pm

This module explores the value of approaching supervision from a project perspective. We examine strategies, tools, and resources for higher degree project management. We give participants an opportunity to collaboratively develop their own pedagogy of supervision.


Module 2: The PEOPLE

Thursday 11 December 9am – 12.30pm

This module examines higher degree supervision from a ‘people’ perspective, addressing a range of communicative, social and (cross-)cultural issues, and asking supervisors to explore ethnographic approaches.

Please register your interest via StaffConnect using the codes below.

Module 1: The PROJECT

Code: SUP2M1BRI14


Module 2: The PEOPLE

Code: SUP2M2BRI14