Indigenous Research with Naomi Wolfe and Philip Deloria

Published: Monday 14th March 2016

Want to learn more about research strategies? Want to know how to maximise the quality and impact of your research? Do you have a great idea for a book which you’d like a
contract for? Do you have plans to put in an ARC grant in 2017?

In 2016, the National School of Arts will run a series of workshops geared towards helping ACU researchers maximise their research output and quality. Each session will be led by leading research academics. Please join us for our first session of the year on:

Indigenous research: perspectives and methodologies with Professor Philip Deloria (Michigan) and Ms Naomi Wolfe (ACU) on 18 March from 3 to 4pm.

Videoconference dial-in number 6133186

Video Conference Room 5.30 Level 5 (Melbourne Mary Glowrey)

Meeting Room 5.03 (Ballarat)

Meeting Room AC.22 (Brisbane)

Meeting Room 1.10 (Canberra)

Meeting Room Level 16 (North Sydney)

Meeting Room VC Room 2.45 (Strathfield)

For more information, please contact   NSW: Melissa Bellanta (   Victoria: Mark Chou (   Queensland: Maggie Nolan (