Celebrating our Rome Study Centre

Published: Monday 31st August 2015

Message from the Vice-Chancellor: Professor Greg Craven: I will join a number of ACU representatives in Rome this month to celebrate our partnership with The Catholic University of America (CUA) in establishing a study centre in the Italian capital. 

Our collaboration brings together both a shared enthusiasm and CUA's years of experience in a city which for centuries has been regarded as the heart of the Church and of the Papacy.

ACU looks forward to building upon CUA’s great work in Rome in this meaningful partnership, which is a milestone in our relatively brief history. 

Twenty five years ago Australian Catholic University became Australia's first truly national university with campuses spread across our vast continent. Now a quarter of a century on, our university will be one of the few Australian universities with a physical presence in Europe.

Despite our relative youth we are grounded in the 2,000-year-old Catholic intellectual tradition.

With CUA, we share a common ethos and a commitment to knowledge, to human dignity and to the common good. And upon these principles, we base our centre in Rome. 

This centre offers students and scholars a rich life experience. It offers them the chance to pursue their studies while immersed in a city steeped in the living history and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.

In addition to academic programs and research studies, the centre will also host regular public lectures and become an academic hub for ACU and CUA faculty, alumni and graduates.

Here students will enjoy the fruits of international engagements in one of the world’s most exciting cities. 

In our garden within the centre’s grounds we are planting a tree that originated in the Mediterranean but is now common to all three continents - Europe, the United States and Australia. 

This tree reflects the connection between these three continents as well as the deep Mediterranean/Roman roots of both our cultures. And as it grows tall, so will the solid relationship between our two great universities.

The historic Janiculum Hill, where our centre sits, is home to some of the city's great learning institutions.

These include the Pontifical Urban University, the Pontifical North American College, the American Academy and the Spanish Academy.

With CUA we plan to expand the footprint of international Catholic higher education in Rome and be part of something great and long lasting.