Students showcase their 'Raw Talent' for a good cause

Published: Monday 27th April 2015

Staff are invited to purchase tickets to attend the inaugural 'Raw Talent' Night on the Brisbane Campus on Friday 1 May from 5.30pm in NA06/07.

'Raw Talent Night' is a collaboration between the Student Enrichment Team, the School of Arts and the ACU Brisbane Performing Arts Society. Students will be performing music, drama or comedy and all funds raised from ticket sales will go to Caritas - Djilpin Aboriginal Arts Corporation.


  • Staff or non-ACU people = $10
  • ACU student = $5

Ticket price includes food, drinks and show. Bring your friends and your family! Tickets can be purchased from the Office of Student Success, T Block. Tickets on sale now until Thursday 30 April.

For more information please email the Brisbane Student Enrichment Team or