Applications now open for GCHE

Published: Monday 3rd July 2017

The Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (GCHE)  is a worthwhile and valuable course that will help you in your academic role at ACU. The course consists of four units of study, completed over four semesters. It is entirely online, and is work-integrated to offer you the greatest flexibility and efficiency for your study. It aims to model and illustrate good practice, and to ensure your learning experience is transparently relevant and strategically beneficial.

The benefits of studying the GCHE at ACU include:

  • The GCHE fosters an understanding and appreciation of Higher Education in the Catholic intellectual tradition and within the principles of Catholic social thought;
  • The GCHE addresses values consistent with ACU’s mission;
  • Teaching and learning in the GCHE aligns with the ACU Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework;
  • The GCHE national and online course offers opportunities for supported networking and collaboration with colleagues regardless of location;
  • Developing skills and knowledge to match technology with learning goals;
  • Enhancing capabilities in learning and teaching in higher education;
  • Working with colleagues and mentors in units that provide best practice in curriculum and assessment design and evaluation;
  • Tuition fees will be waived for eligible ACU academic staff members.

Teaching and Learning in the GCHE aligns with the ACU Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework. This framework is an important guide for professional development, performance appraisal, recruitment and tenure for academics.

The course is designed to appeal to established academics as well as new teaching staff, with the units of study relevant to all who teach in Higher Education. The GCHE is ideally undertaken after completion of the Learning and Teaching Centre Introduction to Learning and Teaching program.

The course is founded on research and scholarship in Higher Education. Thus, it has a strong theoretical and scholarly base to promote your own scholarship and excellence in learning and teaching. Its second unit focuses on developing your curriculum and assessment design skills. The third unit: Technology-enhanced Learning in Higher Education provides an exciting opportunity for you to develop your knowledge and skills in this important area. The capstone unit, Scholarship in Higher Education, gives you the opportunity to integrate your learning with a strategic and scholarly project of your own.

To apply for admission in Semester 2 / 2017, please visit the ACU Future Students website: and click on Apply for this course. Apply through the ACU direct online application process for domestic fee-paying students. Your application will be referred for approval and employment details for the ACU academic staff fee waiver. Applications close on 23 July 2017.

Enrol in this online, part-time course and build your capacity as a tertiary educator.


Academic and administrative enquiries about the GCHE may be directed to the dedicated course email address: