Academic Board election

Published: Wednesday 27th April 2016

Nominations are invited for the election of one Academic Board representative of the University from the Faculty of Health Sciences elected from and by the non-Professorial Academic Staff members (levels A to D) of the Faculty for appointment until 31 December 2017.

Nominations must be in the prescribed form and received by the Electoral Officer not later than 12 noon (AEST) on Wednesday 4 May 2016. Nominations are to be submitted to

Full details, including a link to the nomination form, are available on the following webpage:

Why Become a Member of the Academic Board?

Being a member of the Academic Board provides a unique opportunity to discuss relevant higher education issues, provide input into the review of University policy and procedures and to contribute to the development of both undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. Past members have found their time on the Academic Board to be a rewarding and valued experience which helps to develop collegiality and an understanding

What is on the Academic Board Agenda?

The Academic Board agenda includes reports from the Vice-Chancellor, the Chair of the Academic Board, the Provost, Chief Operating Officer, the Director of Identity and Mission, the Director of Campus Board, the Director, Office of Planning, Strategy and Management and the Chairs of all Standing Committees of the Board. The agenda also includes new course proposals, course reviews, major changes to courses, new policies and procedure and revisions to existing policies and procedures, in addition to the confirmation of minutes from the previous meeting and noting of minutes from all its Standing Committees. Presentations are invited from members of the Board and guests from outside the University.