2015 Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (GCHE) staff scholarships

Published: Monday 15th December 2014

Graduates of the GCHE are formally qualified to teach nationally in higher education settings. Participants are able to collect evidence for a teaching portfolio which may assist in meeting probationary requirements and may also benefit applications for promotion and teaching awards.

Scholarships are available to eligible ACU teaching staff upon approval from their supervisors, typically the Head of School and the Executive Dean of the Faculty. The University is committed to the professional development of its staff and as such waives the enrolment fees as part of the scholarship.

The GCHE is open to degree qualified academic and professional staff members who are continuing full-time or fixed-term, directly involved in teaching. Ongoing sessional staff members are also eligible with approval from their Head of School.

The course assists in nurturing values consistent with ACU’s mission and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Further information about the course, the details of the scholarship are available by contacting the Course Coordinator, Dr Tina Bavaro by phone on 02 9739 2969 or via email at GCHE.LTC@acu.edu.au 

You are encouraged you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to further your professional development at ACU.