Yoga classes for Melbourne staff 

Published: Tuesday 21st June 2016

Do you sit for a long time at work? Do you suffer from lower back pain?

If you spend most of your day sitting, tight hips could be contributing to the back pain you may be experiencing.  The hip flexors can become short and tight from sitting for long durations, which can pull on the vertebrae, creating tightness in the lower back.

The good news is that stretching out the hip flexors can alleviate lower back pain and on the Melbourne Campus at the Melbourne Studio Gym (MSG), Yoga classes are available. Yoga is a great way to not only stretch and strengthen those muscles but it is also a great outlet to relax and reset the mind and body during the busy working week.

During the Semester Break, 3 yoga classes will be available per week (50 minute classes).  These classes run in the Recital Hall on:

Monday: 1pm to 2pm

Tuesday: 1pm to 2pm

Friday: 1pm to 2pm – this is an easy / beginner style class!

If you are interested in attending yoga classes, the MSG has multiple options including a fitness class pass available for staff at only $50. This entitles the pass holder to come to unlimited yoga classes during the nine-week break period (up until Friday 29 July). Alternatively casual visits are priced at $10 each or memberships are only $45 per month and entitle you to unlimited classes, unlimited gym use and a free fitness and health assessment which includes a complimentary personalized exercise program written according to you goals.

So if you’re interested to know what low lunges, butterfly stretches and the Pigeon Pose are, come along and try yoga.

Conatct: E: P: (03) 9953 3665 W: