Workshops with Professor Robyn Jorgensen

Published: Monday 19th September 2016

Professor Robyn Jorgensen from the University of Canberra is offering two workshops at ACU this November.

Why do I need a theoretical framework?

Too frequently research is not well framed in terms of theory that holds the thesis (or project) together.

A strong theoretical framework is like the mortar that holds the bricks in a wall together. Having a good theoretical framework creates a sense of coherence across the research.

This seminar explores the need for a theoretical framework, how to identify the appropriate theoretical framework for research projects and explores various frameworks for the different paradigms in which research is typically located.

There will be time allocated for discussion of theoretical frameworks and what might work for different projects. The difference between theory and models will be discussed.

Date: 28 November
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Room: Video Conference

  • Brisbane: TC .19 (1pm to 3pm)
  • Sydney:  TWH 15.39-40
  • Melbourne: 232 Vic Parade 3.01

Dial in 61371350

Reflexivity in the research process: collecting and making sense of data

Initially research is proposed as a linear process with research questions defined and the research process established.

However, over the duration of the research process, particularly those that extend over a number of years, there are many modifications that occur - usually as a consequence of the generation of data.

Being alert to the surprises, confirmations, 'ah-ha' moments, and contradictions that arise as we conduct our research demands that researchers reflect on what is happening, and often make modifications to the research in order to ensure that the outcomes are true to the intent of the proposal.

To highlight this process, I will share the path that was (and is still being) undertaken as part of a large ARC project. A particular emphasis will be taken on how the data analysis (via NVivo) has  been continually modified as the research process progresses.

Date: 29 November
Time: 10am to 12pm
Room: Video Conference

  • Brisbane: AC.22  (9-11am)
  • Sydney: TWH 15.39-40
  • Melbourne: 232 Vic Parade 3.01

Dial in 61371350

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