Why you should hire an ACU student

Published: Monday 10th August 2015


Hiring managers are encouraged to consider employing ACU students for positions in their area because they make excellent workers.

Student Centres National Manager Katheryn Howley began to use the Student Jobs on Campus initiative when she had the need to hire for casual staffing. 

“The caliber of students we have had has been fantastic. Number one is their work ethic. The benefits of employing students, gives the student a holistic approach. It’s an academic, it’s a professional experience, all in one,” Ms Howley said.   

Mark Young, in his previous role as Sport and Wellbeing Coordinator, Student Engagement Service Health, said students have very good insight into how we deliver services on campus.

“They have some great ideas on how we improve so with that they are a great asset to have within your team to inspire more ideas and how we get better in delivering service,” Mr Young said.  

“I’ve used Students Jobs on Campus about 30 different times and it has been used to fill a range of positions, casual, part-time and full-time.”   

Student Jobs on Campus (SJC) links current students with casual employment opportunities on ACU campuses. SJC is SAAF funded and sits within the Career Development Service, Office of Student Success.

Last year there were work opportunities across all campuses for 112 students. Positions included Sport Development Officers, Student Ambassadors, Casual Note-Takers, Conference Helpers, Administrative, Lab Support and Research Assistants.

Students benefit by being able to earn where they learn in a familiar, supportive environment; and gaining work experience and core skills that they can take with them into future employment.

Click on this link to watch the latest video from Student Jobs on Campus.

To find out more about hiring students contact Student Jobs On Campus Coordinator: Linda Reardon 02 97392708 linda.reardon@acu.edu.au.