Turnitin update: New version released

Published: Monday 23rd March 2015

Turnitin V2 was released in Semester 1 2015, with Turnitin V1 to be phased out at the end of Semester 1 2015.

What's new in Turnitin V2?

  • An increased number of students can submit to a single Turnitin assignment.
  • Improved features and settings. These include:
    • availability dates
    • grade anything such as PowerPoint, Excel, image files
    • linking your assignment to an existing rubric or launch rubric manager to create and add a rubric to your assignment
    • submission inbox that displays all Turnitin assignment information on one screen.
  • New Peer Manager option for student peer review of Tutrnitin assignments.
What happened when my units with previous Turnitin V1 assignments were rolled over in Semester 1 2015?

They will remain unchanged in the new unit as Turnitin V1 assignments and will continue to be supported in Semester 1. Turnitin V1 will only be phased out at the end of semester 1, 2015. Staff and students will be able to differentiate between the two versions of Turnitin that are currently in LEO by the icons:

Turninit V1 icon 
Turnitin V1

Turnitin V2 icon

Turnitin V2

What will happen to my Turnitin V1 assignments when V1 is phased out?

You will need to create new Turnitin assignments using the "add an activity" tool. From 28 March 2015 any units that are that are rolled over via the Unit Creation block for Semester 2 will no longer include Turnitin V1 assignments.

Further information

Please refer to LEO guides for staff: Turnitin.