Turnitin new display: Feedback Studio

Published: Monday 28th November 2016

Turnitin software detects text matches in student assignment submissions. The new Turnitin Feedback Studio, launched in 2016, allows instructor’s to view the Originality Report and the GradeMark in a single display rather than individual tabs for Originality Report and GradeMark called the ‘classic view’. In the Feedback Studio all Turnitin layers, such as matching text sources, feedback comments and rubrics, all display in the one tool bar located on the right side of the student paper.

During 2017 the Turnitin ‘classic view’ will be phased out and completely replaced by Feedback Studio. To get ready for this change Feedback Studio view will be introduced to staff after the LEO upgrade goes live on 21 January 2017.

Support to assist staff in this transition will include updated LEO guides on Feedback Studio, professional development such as LEO PD workshops and webinars.

  • For more information about the differences between Turnitin classic view and the new Feedback Studio click here to watch a video
  • For a walkthrough of how to use the Feedback Studio, click here to watch a video
  • What do academics and students think? Click here to watch a video
  • Like to try a demo of the feedback studio? Click here