Tip of the week: Achieving a work/life balance

Published: Wednesday 30th July 2014

Achieving work and life balance is a challenge many of us face in our lives as we deal with the competing demands on our time and energy from work, family and other pursuits. Often we do not take time out to consider how we are looking after ourselves, how we are responding to others and how - or if - we are achieving our goals.

To assist you with finding balance, ACU is offering a series of four workshops led by experienced facilitators from AccessEAP, the University’s Employee Assistance Program provider. These sessions will provide information and practical strategies that will assist you to enhance your wellbeing and more effectively manage your worklife balance.

Workshop topics in the series:

  • Workshop 1 – Building healthy relationships at work and at home
  • Workshop 2 –  Developing your resilience
  • Workshop 3 –  Focussing on what’s important  
  • Workshop 4 –  Mental health awareness

Workshop 3 will look at work/life balance versus work/life effectiveness. This gives you an opportunity to do your very own 'Life Balance audit' and then explore some simple and effective strategies to help improve your work life effectiveness so as to ensure you are focusing on what’s important for you in your life.

This session will be conducted via video conference at all campuses and there is no cost for attendance.

Please be in your local campus video conference room five minutes prior to the starting time:

  • Brisbane Campus – Room AC.22
  • North Sydney Campus – VC Room Level 16, Tenison Woods House
  • Strathfield Campus – VC Room E2.45
  • Canberra Campus – Room 1.10
  • Ballarat Campus – Room 503
  • Melbourne Campus – Room 5.30
  • Adelaide Campus – register your interest by emailing learninggs@acu.edu.au

How do I register?

Please register via Staff Connect by Tuesday 19 August 2014.

Contact information

For registration enquiries please email: learninggs@acu.edu.au