Tip of the Week

Published: Wednesday 9th September 2015

RUOK? Day is held on 10 September and promotes the idea that a little questions such as RUOK? can make a big difference to those at risk of suicide or simply struggling with the stressors that life inevitably throws at us.

Conversations that are geared towards helping people feel loved, supported and connected do make a difference. When friends, colleagues and family show tolerance and understanding, it can make it easier for people to speak up, access help if needed and access it early.

Join the webinar this afternoon
Register to participate in the RUOK? Webinar, hosted by AccessEAP today at 10am or 2.30pm that will cover the following:
  • understanding of R U OK? and common mental health concerns  
  • behavioural signs and indicators a person is not coping (what others see) 
  • how to ask R U OK?
  • how to identify mental health ‘risk’ and ‘protective’ factors in others
  • practical ways to support significant others with depression and anxiety
  • helpful versus unhelpful strategies
  • medical and psychological treatment options.
How you can support others:
  • Ask the question RUOK? of a family member, friend or colleague who you are concerned about. The RUOK? How to ask Guide will assist if you’re not sure where to start.
  • Remember that you can ask RUOK? at any time of the year- people can need support at any time.
  • Organise a morning or afternoon tea with your workmates and encourage everyone to attend to promote the importance of social connection and community.
  • If you are concerned about a person around you, the University’s Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) can provide help on how to approach someone around you that might not be coping very well. Give them a call for an EAP session over the phone or face-to-face on 1800 818 728.  ACU staff are reminded that professional counsellors are available via the EAP service at any time to discuss any work or personal issue that concerns them.