Tip of the Week - Prepare for Pay Date Change

Published: Monday 18th August 2014

Last week Chief Operating Officer Dr Stephen Weller announced that changes to the fortnightly staff pay cycle will be implemented in November 2014. 

The pay, which would normally be paid on Wednesday 5 November 2014, will be moved back by one week to be paid on Wednesday 12 November 2014.  That is, there will be a period of three weeks between pays rather than the normal fortnight.  

A Pay Date Change Preparation Checklist has been developed to help staff to prepare for the pay date change.  You can make notes on it to keep a record of the actions that you have taken and the arrangements that will apply.

The change to the pay date will affect every staff member in different ways and it is important that you understand how it applies to your own circumstances.  Staff should complete the Pay Date Change Preparation Checklist and read the other information on the Pay Date Change website.

If you require further information, please send an email or call HR Advisory Service on extension 4222.