Tip of the Week: Personal/Carers Leave

Published: Wednesday 9th March 2016

Find out what personal leave entitlements are available for when you may need to take leave to enable you to deal with a range of personal health or other related circumstances.

The HR Advisory Service often receives enquiries from staff about things that affect them for which they need to take time off work.  ACU has a range of leave entitlements available to support a number of different circumstances relevant to a staff member’s individual needs.

You may be eligible to request Personal/Carer's leave in the following circumstances:

  • personal illness or injury to you (sick leave)
  • short-term care or support to a member of your immediate family due to illness or emergency
  • medical or therapeutic appointments, including those associated with pre-natal and post-natal responsibilities
  • an emergency due to fire, flood, burglary or other unforeseen event
  • caring for a child on a pupil-free day (up to 4 days per year). However, you cannot use personal carer's leave for childcare or dependent care arrangements during normal school holiday periods
  • your own graduation, citizenship, and justice of the peace ceremonies
  • moving house (up to 1 day per year)
  • ceremonial leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff (up to 3 days per year), and
  • recognised religious/culturally significant days that you observe.
In the instance where you do not have any personal/carer’s leave available, you may wish to consider applying for any annual leave or long service leave that you may have available. In the absence of any paid leave entitlements, you can apply for leave without pay, using the Leave Request Form.
Important information

Once you have discussed your individual circumstances with your nominated supervisor and the relevant leave type has been identified, you should submit your application for leave through Staff Connect indicate the type of Personal/Carer’s Leave that you require.

If you are absent for more than three consecutive working days because of personal illness or injury, you need to provide proof of illness or injury (e.g. doctor's certificate) which you should first show your supervisor before attaching to your  application for personal/carer’s leave through staff connect or forwarding it to the HR Advisory Service hr@acu.edu.au

In addition to Personal/Carer’s Leave, the University also provides Compassionate Leave entitlements for staff members who need to spend time with a member of their immediate family/household or a relative who is affected by a life-threatening illness or injury.  Please see the Compassionate Leave Policy for more details

The University also has leave entitlements to support Victims of Family or Domestic Violence, Australian Defence Force Reserve Leave and Trade Union Training Leave.

Please note that not all of your individual circumstances are covered by personal or compassionate leave – in some circumstances your supervisor may suggest any accrued flexible working hours to be taken (for Professional Staff) or annual or long service leave.

Further assistance
  • In the first instance, speak to your nominated supervisor about your personal arrangements. If you then require further advice, contact the HR Advisory Service on hr@acu.edu.au or call extension 4222; or
  • For an overview of the different types of leave and the circumstances to which they may apply, please refer to the Personal Leave/Carer’s Leave Policy.