Tip of the Week: Lateral Leadership

Published: Wednesday 27th January 2016

The importance of cultivating ‘lateral leadership’ was a key theme discussed at the last Leading and Managing in the ACU Context conference.

Chief Operating Officer Dr Stephen Weller highlighted some recent research showing that leaders devote more than half of their time to managing relationships outside their direct line of responsibility.

The ability to influence colleagues without using hierarchical authority through managing sideways is increasingly important skill that all employees need, Dr Weller said.

So how can you foster cooperation and mutual reciprocity to drive effective outcomes in situations where lines of authority or decision-making power may be ambiguous?

Learn the secrets of lateral leadership
According to Manageris*, there are several key ways that you can boost your lateral leadership skills:
  1. Adopt a partnership mindset
  2. Integrate the objectives of the other constituents
  3. Identify suitable currencies of exchange
  4. Manage the perceived balance of the relationship
  5. Cultivate quality relationships

Read the full article to learn more about the drivers of lateral authority, and how to establish solid networks that will support your career.

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