Tip of the Week - Community Service Leave

Published: Wednesday 10th February 2016

The HR Advisory Service often receives enquiries from staff about their involvement and participation in community service activities. ACU has a range of leave entitlements available to support a number of different circumstances relevant to a staff member’s involvement with the community.

You may be eligible to request Community Service Leave in the following circumstances:
  • Jury service;
  • Court appearances (where the staff member has been subpoenaed to appear as a witness for the Crown);
  • Firefighting and emergency assistance;
  • Volunteer in a Governmental declared State of Emergency;
  • Leave to contest elections;
  • Blood donation;
  • Attendance at arbitration proceedings; and
  • Community service contributions including representation at major cultural, social and sporting events.
Important information
  • Once you have discussed your individual circumstances with your nominated supervisor and the relevant leave type has been identified, you should submit your application for leave through Staff Connect indicate the type of community service leave that you require.
  • The maximum period of Community Service Leave will be five (5) days per annum on full pay. However, additional time may be granted by the University.
  • Casual and sessional staff are entitled to up to five (5) days of unpaid Community Service Leave (including unpaid leave for Jury Service).
For more information:

In the first instance, speak to your nominated supervisor about your community service involvement. If you then require further advice, contact the HR Advisory Service on hr@acu.edu.au or call extension 4222; or for an overview of the different types of leave and the circumstances to which they may apply, please refer to the Community Service Leave Policy.