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Published: Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Service Matters Brochure

A number of Creating and Leading Customer Excellence workshops will be offered on all ACU campuses for team leaders, supervisors and managers from Tuesday 5 May 2015.

The workshops will explore the Service Matters Framework and look at strategies for leading a service excellence culture. The Service Matters Framework is the strategy for guiding the best possible service delivery at ACU, today and into the future. Attending the workshop will provide you with the context, knowledge and skills that will ensure you are best equipped to lead service excellence across the teams that you supervise. Register now to attend on your campus.

Top tips for leading customer excellence

Supervisors play a vital role in contributing to ACU's success and leading their team to achieve service excellence. If you are a supervisor and you want to take your team to the next level of customer service, consider these handy tips:

  1. Explore the vision for service within your area.
  2. Create agreement within your team to what outstanding service looks like.
  3. Discuss service expectations regularly with your team.
  4. Look at what your team does well and how you can further improve on this.
  5. It sounds simple, but always 'focus on the customer first.'
  6. Ensure that the systems and processes in use support your team's service objectives.
  7. Provide a debrief on the 'performance excellence' or the '10 service principles' of the Service Matters Framework at your next staff meeting.
  8. Provide timely feedback that is constructive and positive to your staff.

Improving service skills

ACU managers and staff on any location can boost their service skills by watching short video clips available in the ACU online training video library - Lynda.com. Below are some clips presented by customer service expert Jeff Toister, which you may like to watch and share with your team.

To watch the clips, click the 'Log in' button, choose 'login through your organisation or school' and enter www.acu.edu.au into the organisation box, if prompted. You will then be directed to log in by providing your ACU staff username and password.

Leading a Customer Culture-Centric Culture
Duration: 12 minutes and 42 seconds
Discover how to chart your team on a course that focuses on the customer with three no-nonsense tips. See how to set a direction, create markers, and course-correct when things get off track.

Managing Customer Service Teams
Duration: 1 hour and 32 minutes
Jeff shows you the secrets of managing great customer service teams. Discover how to define outstanding service through service standards and team goals; bring in data and metrics to evaluate your service quality; identify obstacles that can cause service failures; optimise your channels for faster, cheaper, and better service; and develop a convincing business case that calculates the true cost of bad service.

Customer Service Fundamentals
Duration: 1 hour and 57 minutes
Learn the three crucial skill sets needed to deliver outstanding customer service and increase customer loyalty. See how to build winning relationships, provide the right assistance at the right times, and effectively handle angry customers. Jeff will also share ways to find out what your customers really think about your service, and use their feedback to improve.