Tip of the week: Are you recruiting?

Published: Wednesday 11th February 2015

Selection panels play a crucial role in recruitment

Diversifying your selection committee

When recruiting for a role at ACU, the composition of a selection committee is an important factor in ensuring fairness and equity in the candidate assessment process and in supporting optimal hiring outcomes.

Important considerations in designing your committee include ensuring gender representation and an appropriate mix of technical/discipline expertise among the committee members. Having a diversity of perspectives can be very useful in helping you to make the best selection for a position.

Next time you are designing a selection committee, think about how individuals with different cultural, educational and employment backgrounds might bring more varied perspectives and add value to your decision-making. This may be especially relevant for positions that require skills for interacting with people with particular backgrounds.

In designing your committee, you can also opt to include a key stakeholder, with whom the position will need to work with closely. This could include a stakeholder from another ACU unit, or a key stakeholder that is external to the University, where a strong working partnership is important.

ACU supports the importance of diversity on selection committees, as further described in ACU’s Recruitment and Selection Procedures.

Strengthen your recruitment decisions

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