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Published: Wednesday 29th April 2015

Achieving work and life balance is a challenge many of us face as we deal with the competing demands on our time and energy from work, family and other pursuits. Often, we don't take time out to consider how we are looking after ourselves, how we are responding to others, and how, or indeed if, we are achieving our goals.

To assist you with finding balance, ACU is offering a series of four workshops led by experienced facilitators from AccessEAP, the University's Employee Assistance Program provider.

These sessions will provide information and practical strategies that can assist you to enhance your wellbeing and more effectively manage your work life balance. Staff can choose to attend one, some or all of the workshops throughout the year, as they are run as independent sessions.

Workshop topics include:

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This first workshop will focus on boosting time management skills to help you feel in control of your day. The presentation will provide practical exploration and tools for understanding time management and the impact it has on how we prioritise our tasks and implement them.

Participants will learn to identify behaviour that limits productivity and understand ways to assist effectiveness and increase general wellbeing. This session will use a blend of interaction, exercises and information to support participants' learning.