Tip of the week

Published: Wednesday 14th January 2015

Support your own happiness and capacity to cope with problems this year by having a look at the online wellbeing resources offered by ACU’s Employee Assistance Program provider.

AccessEAP provides an online library of free resources that can help you to maintain your sense of wellbeing and to feel in control at work and home.   

The website includes tip sheets containing practical advice on dealing with common life problems and work challenges.  A range of topics are covered including: handling workplace conflict, managing stress, work/life balance, reducing anxiety or dealing with loss and grief.

The website also has downloadable audio tracks for relaxation and mindfulness meditations, and lists recommended mobile apps or books to read which can help to keep your sense of wellbeing on track.

How to access the resources

ACU staff can access these resources in the Client Area of the AccessEAP website, by first taking a few seconds to create an employee login using your ACU email address.

What is EAP?

If you would like to know more about the EAP professional and confidential counseling service that are available for ACU staff, or about the Manager Assist service for supervisors, please visit the Human Resources website.