Tip of the Week

Published: Wednesday 17th December 2014

ACU staff have free unlimited access to a vast online library of training videos at http://lynda.acu.edu.au/

Below is a summary of video playlists on popular topics that may be of interest to you.  To browse the whole library, log in using your ACU staff username and password.  Interactive exercise sheets are also available to some topics so you can practise your new skills.

Don’t have time to watch a whole video?  No problem – most videos are broken into useful sub-topic chapters, so you can still brush up on some quick tips even if you only have 5-10 mins to spare!

Become a Better Manager
12 courses • 389 Videos
Hone your people management skills and improve your team’s effectiveness. Pick up tips for handling difficult conversations.

Manage People and Projects Effectively
8 courses • 233 Videos
Discover how to meet goals and deadlines while getting the most out of your employees, with these time-tested project management and leadership techniques.  Pick up tips for effective conflict resolution.

Be More Effective at Your Job
12 courses • 270 Videos
Explore this selection of business skills that can help support your career path. Set yourself up for success with these useful tips for achieving your goals.
Improve your Travel Photography
6 courses • 119 Videos
Whether exploring a neighborhood in your city or a country across the world, learn how to choose and pack gear, capture local colour, and find the best places to take great photos.

Create Effective Presentations
5 courses • 185 Videos
For delivering presentations that convey a clear, focused message and draw in the listener, strengthen your skills with presentation software like Prezi, PowerPoint and Keynote, and get inspired with creative ways to engage and challenge your audience.