Three Minute Thesis final

Published: Wednesday 9th September 2015

The heat will be on Friday lunchtime for our PhD and Professional Doctorate (Research) students as they compete in the ACU Three Minute Thesis Final competition.​

The following students will take place in the final:

  • Don Parker, School of Philosophy, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy will speak on Know thyself. Psychoanalysis and the Enlightenment Project
  • Holly Rominov, School of Psychology, Faculty of Health Sciences will speak on Mechanisms impacting the relationship between fathers' mental health and child outcome
  • Jill Leckey, Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research will speak on Carbohydrate dependence during intense endurance exercise
  • Rose Ferguson, School of Psychology, Faculty of Health Sciences will speak on Flexible Morality: Testing Assumptions of Moral Credits Models of Moral Balancing
  • Elodie Chaplais, School of Exercise Science, Faculty of Health Sciences will speak on Big and breakable: Bone health in adolescents with obesity
  • Brooke Van Zanden, Institute for Positive Psychology and Education will speak on Understanding Gender Differences in Young People‚Äôs Motivation and Educational Attainment: Do Gendered Educational Outcomes Vary as a Function of Social and Cultural Background?

Usually, an 80,000 word thesis would take nine hours to present.  However, in 3MT students have just three minutes to present a compelling oration on their thesis and its significance in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

The winner of the ACU final will then compete in the 2015 Trans-Tasman finals at the University of Queensland on 2 October 2015.

Good luck to all our contestants.