The Conversation launches in Africa

Published: Monday 11th May 2015

T​he​ team of nine ​is led by Caroline Southey. See her Editor's note here. And please note it starts as a pilot or beta service and will grow in time.

​TC-Africa is ​​​​supported by the National Research Foundation, ​t​he Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation​,​ the Knight Foundation, ​​Barclays Africa ​and ​Reuters.

TC-Africa starts with the endorsement of ​11 ​universities in South Africa and a further eight across Africa including in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Seychelles, Tanzania ​and Rwanda.​ See the list here​.

Please ​have a look at TC-Africa here. If you want to ​keep ​up to date on African issues, please sign up to their daily newsletter and ​follow ​them ​on Twitter and Facebook.

The launch​ marks​ a significant step ​towards our goal ​of build​ing​ a global knowledge ​platform that connects and brings together scientists, scholars and researchers from every part of the world to address and better explain big global problems and ​offer​ solutions​.

​In addition to TC-Africa we have successfully launched into the UK and US​.​ In total we now have a global operation of 74​ working with nearly 22,000 contributors ​drawn ​from the global university community​.​ Our monthly audience ​​is ​2.5 million ​reads direct to the ​site, ​plus ​​more than 22 m​illion reads​ ​of our content ​​globally ​through republication​ by some of the 18,000 sites.​

We hope you ​will begin to see a much wider and deeper service that brings together the research and thinking from the developed nations and from the emerging nations of Africa.