The biggest year

Published: Monday 15th December 2014

This is the last Bulletin for the year from the Melbourne Campus. I wish to thank the many people at St. Patricks for their dedication, skill and commitment to ACU and to all of those who support these endeavours across the University. It has been an exceptionally busy year for all of the St. Patrick’s team, from multiple perspectives: record student enrolments; constant construction/redevelopment; and for many, organisational changes. The response has been mixed. The multiplicity of factors, even when positive, can be overwhelming for some.

In early February of 2015 we will open the completely refurbished ground floor of the Mary Glowrey Building with a new inter-faith space, cafeteria, café, book shop, reception and seating areas. The level one refurbishment will be complete just prior to Christmas to accommodate the Office of Student Success and a new stairway will support access to all floors of the building. There will be an additional biology laboratory on level three of the Mary Glowrey Building and an improved setting for our international students.

During 2015 we will commence, with the Properties Directorate, the detailed planning to develop a new building to accommodate our growing teaching load on the car park surrounded on two sides by the Mary Glowrey Building. This development is scheduled for completion 2018 and will incorporate the space currently provided by the modular buildings, allowing for the future development of the Victoria Parade and Brunswick Street corner site.

We celebrated on Friday 12 December the advent of Christmas with carols, a special mass and a Christmas luncheon in our historic Cathedral Hall that will be attended by 330 members of the Campus.

I wish each and every member of the St. Patrick’s team and our colleagues throughout ACU a peace filled and holy Christmas

We end the year on a note reminiscent of Juan Samaranch, the long serving 7th President of the International Olympic Committee, with a statement that this has been the biggest year ever…until next year.


Dr John Ballard

Associate Vice Chancellor (Victoria)