The 2016 National Nursing Forum: The Power of Now

Published: Wednesday 30th November 2016

Four, third year Bachelor of Nursing Students were awarded a scholarship from New South Wales Health (valued at $2000), to attend The 2016 National Nursing Forum: The Power of Now, in Melbourne.

The students, Matthew Brewer, Luke Crimston-Smith, Sheridan Nelson, and Supila Shrestha, were nominated by the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine, based on the following selection criteria demonstrated:

  • excellence in clinical practice
  • focus on providing compassionate care
  • ability to work within a team
  • consistent academic achievement

The Power of Now forum presented four streams for evaluation, discussion and action which included: The Power of the Nursing Workforce; The Power of Nursing Leadership; The Power of Nursing Care and the Power of Self Care.

The students embraced the opportunity to participate in this year’s forum through attending and engaging in the keynote sessions and concurrent presentation sessions. The concurrent sessions covered issues such as what nurses are facing in clinical, management and leadership arenas. The students were exposed to a variety of nursing specialities from refugee nursing to the role of the Nurse Practitioner, and were encouraged to challenge their thinking and participate in establishing goals for future practice.

Feedback from the students included the “empowering” and “informative” nature of the forum, which allowed them to reflect that “even as a student or a new graduate, we have a voice”. They also spoke about their future responsibilities as nurses to provide support and education to up and coming undergraduate nurses, to ensure positive patient outcomes.

Matthew, Luke, Sheridan and Supila reflected that the forum highlighted the “diverse opportunities that nursing can give you” and the importance of lifelong learning. The students will graduate at the end of this year and have an interest in pursuing practice in areas such as acute and intensive care nursing, high dependency and emergency nursing, as well as furthering their scope to a Nurse Practitioner role.