Tax time: 2015 Payment Summary (Group CertifIcates)

Published: Wednesday 1st July 2015

It's tax time and staff can access their 2014/2015 Payment Summary (Group Certificate) via Staff Connect through the ‘My documents/ Payment Summaries’ link. 

Casual and Sessional staff who have not been paid since March will have their Payment Summary mailed to their home address in addition to having it available via Staff Connect.  Casual staff who do not have Staff Connect access and Terminated staff will also receive their Payment Summary by mail.

Please be aware that if you had two or more types of employment relationships during the year e.g. Casual and Continuing you will have multiple Payment Summaries.

Payment Summary information will also be pre-filled into tax returns electronically with the ATO.

Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions (RESC)

Employers are required to include all pre-tax (salary sacrifice) superannuation contributions on your Payment Summary. The ATO call these contributions “Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions”. 

Although this does not affect your taxable income, you will be required to declare the contributions in your tax return. The ATO, CentreLink and the Family Assistance Office will then include them as Income in determining your eligibility and entitlement to a range of Government Benefits including Family Tax Benefit, Child Care Benefit, Super co-contribution and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. It will also be taken into account for HECS/HELP repayments.

Standard employer superannuation contributions are not reported on the Payment Summary.