Sustainability by numbers

Published: Monday 30th March 2015

ACU exceeded its strategic sustainability goals in 2014, according to our latest data for energy, water and recycling.

GoalActualHow we did it?
Energy consumption*Reduce by 5%Reduced by 12%

Upgrades to heating/air-conditioning

Installation of more efficient lighting

Reduction of after-hours energy use 

Water consumption*Reduce by 5%Reduced by 7%

Upgrades to taps and toilets

Addition of water tanks

Finding and fixing leaks 

Recycling rateIncrease by 20%Increased by 40%

Investment in hundreds of new bins to increase recycling opportunities

Negotiation of smarter cleaning contracts to ensure campus cleaners support our recycling goals

Through sustainability goals, ACU is working towards being a more efficient consumer of water and energy, as well as increasing the amount of recycling on our campuses.

Not only have we significantly reduced the University's environmental impact, but we have also reduced water and energy costs. In 2013 alone, energy and water costs were approximately $450,000 less than if no action to improve efficiency was taken.

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Further information

For more information about ACU's sustainability initiatives, please email Sustainability Coordinator Mark Doggett.

*measured per square metre.