Support when things are tough

Published: Monday 7th September 2015

ACU campus ministry 


 (Left to right): Mark Lysaght (Associate Director, Campus Ministry), Olivia Lee (North Sydney), Dony Rodriguez (Strathfield), Janice Wong (Melbourne), Tony Hoban (North Sydney and Strathfield), Fr Shabin Kaniampuram (Melbourne), Deacon Joseph Leach (Melbourne), Jessica Cassidy (Administrative Support), Fr Harry Chan (Brisbane), Shanelle Bennett (Brisbane), Fr James Kerr (Ballarat), Tanya Kehoe (Ballarat),  Christian Nobleza (Program Coordinator), Fr Matheus WuWu (Canberra), Greg Jeffery (Canberra), Gabrielle Fernandes (Brisbane). Absent – Hannah Hladik (Melbourne), Fr Roman Wroblewski (North Sydney), Fr Anthony Bernard and Fr Jack Evans (Strathfield).


Many know that Campus Ministry staff are engaged in matters to do with prayer, liturgy and faith. But less may know that the team is also available for support to staff and students at difficult life moments. A “listening ear” is what we offer at these times.


The new ACU Campus Ministry Team offers staff and students specialised pastoral support and a specific focus on arranging engaging activities and events to enhance the overall student and staff experience on each campus.


In addition to the various student activities that have long been a part of the Campus Ministry offering, new activities are being planned for staff.


For example, Christian Meditation  has recently been offered at Strathfield campus and will also be offered soon at North Sydney.


In addition, Staff Roundtables are being piloted at some campuses this Semester where a group of 8 staff get together and get a chance to talk to each other person over lunch, as a way of getting to better know colleagues and build a sense of community.


To assist people at key life moments – the tough times and also the joyful times – a new online prayer requests service has been established. Staff and students just need to click on the prayer requests section of the website and fill in a short form. They can have their needs prayed for privately by the Campus Ministry Team or Chaplains or publicly at mass. They can also request a discussion with a Campus Ministry pastoral associate. For prayer requests, click on the link below: