Success and Wellbeing at Law School

Published: Monday 10th August 2015

Thomas More Academy will host a seminar titled Success and Well-being at Law School presented by Associate Professor Rachael Field from the Queensland University of Technology on Thursday 20 August at the MacKillop Campus in North Sydney. Australian Law Schools have only recently recognised that an important part of the law school curriculum should involve equipping students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage these stress. 

The Courting the Blues Report of the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Research Institute (BMRI, 2009) indicated that more than one-third of Australian law students suffer from psychological distress, and the competitive, isolated, adversarial learning environment that many student experience at law school has been suggested as partly responsible.

There is now a significant body of Australian research that confirms that the mental well-being of law students needs careful attention, and this attention should begin in the first year of legal education.

This workshop discusses some of the stresses of legal education and strategies  that students can adopt to manage and cope with them. The focus of the workshop is on achieving success and mental well-being for students.

The strategies discussed are tested intentional and strategic approaches developed through the work of an Australian National Teaching Fellowship. 

When: 1pm, Thursday 20 August

Where: C2.09 Moot Court, MacKillop Campus in North Sydney