Student Jobs on Campus

Published: Monday 26th May 2014

Student Jobs on Campus (SJC) links current students with casual employment opportunities on campus. The Student Services and Amenities fees fund the service and SJC and sits within the Career Development Services, Office of Student Success.

Last year there were work opportunities across all campuses for 112 students. Positions included Sport Development Officers, Student Ambassadors, Casual Note-Takers, Conference Helpers, Administrative, Lab Support and Research Assistants.

Students benefit by being able to earn where they learn in a familiar, supportive environment; and gaining work experience and core skills that they can take with them into future employment.

The recruitment process is equitable and professional, resulting in repeated use of the service by students and hiring managers. Students register via ACU CareerHub and apply for the advertised position by submitting a resume and cover letter. Hiring Managers are then sent applicants’ details for shortlisting.

Hiring Managers are encouraged to provide students with a thorough induction to their workplace and to set clear expectations for their role. Some Hiring Managers have really embraced the concept of SJC, viewing themselves more as mentors, and providing opportunities for further development of core skills for work. As result, a “pool of talent” is now emerging.

The challenge for Student Jobs on Campus is creating jobs! The students are ready, willing and able, but more jobs are needed for them. Hiring Managers are encouraged to consider employing students for positions in their area. Positions can vary in length from a couple of weeks to many months.

For more information, please visit Career Development Service pages or contact the Student Jobs on Campus Coordinator:

Tamara Stacey
Student Jobs on Campus Coordinator
Phone: 02 9739 2641
Email: or