Student Evaluation of Teaching

Published: Monday 15th September 2014

The ‘Student Evaluation of Teaching’ (SET) survey request process has commenced for units that are offered during the following teaching periods of 2014: 

  • Semester 2 (201460)
  • Spring Term A (201465)
  • Term 2 - East Timor (201458)
Personalised email invitations to organise SET surveys have already been sent to staff members.

Unlike the ‘Student Evaluation of Unit’ surveys, the SET survey is voluntary and it is created for an individual teacher. The SET request period will close on Monday 29 September 2014 for units offered in the above list of teaching periods.

With regards to personalised email invitations:

A. If you received an email invitation sent from, it means:
i. Your name has been verified by your respective Faculty or School nominee for online surveys of units/teaching.
ii. Your details are available in the staff directory maintained by Human Resources.
iii. The number of students enrolled in the Banner unit was found to be at least 10.

B. If you did not receive an email invitation, then one or more of the conditions listed above were not met, and your name cannot be included in the current SET survey cycle.

C. If you received the email invitation and you are not teaching in a unit that is shown on the online evaluation dashboard, please inform promptly.

Please be aware that the SET survey will be created only if a staff member:

  • Submits a request by following the instructions provided through the personalised email invitation
  • Can be associated with at least 10 students in a unit (i.e. the specific group of students can be identified in the Banner and/or Tutorial Direct systems).
All enquiries related to SET surveys should be directed to