Student Barometer Survey opens on 25 April

Published: Wednesday 20th April 2016

The 2016 Student Barometer Survey - which comprises the International Student Barometer and Student Barometer – will open on 25 April and run through to 3 June. The survey is for all undergraduate and postgraduate students across all year levels and is administered by i-Graduate. ACU conducts the Student Barometer every second year and the results are bench-marked against Australian and international universities

The Student Barometer tracks and compares the decision-making, expectations, perceptions and intentions of students from application through to graduation, giving us great insight into student satisfaction levels. The Student Barometer information helps ACU to:

  • evaluate and enhance the student experience across the whole institution
  • develop targeted communications to prospective students
  • inform recruitment and retention strategies
  • optimise resource allocation
  • provide strategic input to key investment decisions.

The i-Graduate administrators contact our students through their ACU email with their unique link to the survey. There will be a number of reminder emails for students to complete the survey as well as messages through LEO, Facebook, Student News, electronic noticeboards and the student website.

Please encourage students to respond to the survey. Better response rates will provide us with more valuable survey data.