New student and course related policies

Published: Wednesday 16th December 2015

The Academic Regulations have been revised and can be accessed from the 2016 Handbook at The regulations have been reordered to follow the student life-cycle and refined for improvements in clarity, the adoption of plain English and the removal of any inconsistencies or duplication with other policies.  Other key changes include revisions to the maximum allowable credit for coursework Masters and 4-year Bachelor Degrees; revised maximum time limits for completion of a program and the incorporation of flexibility to allow an authorised interruption of studies; and a number of changes to the unsatisfactory progress provisions.

The Procedures for Student Complaint Management have been amended to require submission of formal complaints via the Academic Registrar in the first instance to be recorded in the University Register of Complaints.  The Office of the Academic Registrar will continue to refer the complaint to the relevant responsible officer.  Refer to

A new Structuring Coursework Programs Policy describes the framework and principles that inform the structure of Sub-Bachelor, Undergraduate, Honours and Postgraduate Coursework programs at ACU.  The policy ensures that course structures at ACU are consistent and comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) at the relevant level.  The associated Guidelines for Postgraduate Coursework Programs and Guidelines for Honours Programs provide the basis for structuring those programs and the general conditions for their award.  Refer to

I would like to encourage staff to familiarise themselves with these Regulations, Policies and Procedures.  General queries regarding their implementation can be directed to Gerard Goodwin Moore, National Manager, Student Policy & Appeals on ext 2250 or by email