Stress and Architects

Published: Wednesday 18th May 2016

Message from Associate Vice-Chancellor Dr John Ballard: Yesterday the Campus was abuzz with activities for Stamp Out Stress Day. There were stalls, sausages, singers and I was conducting a mini tour for some visiting architects. They were suitably impressed.

Organised by Student Enrichment to provide a day for students to destress before mid-year exams, there was a BBQ for 700; free hot drinks and morning tea courtesy of ‘Bean to Melbourne’ Tricycle; performers; a Kit-Kat and bubble wrap stall; free massages; an animal farm; Melbourne Campus Student Association (MCSA) and Office of Student Success stalls; African drumming;  ‘peddle your own smoothie’ blenders; and yoga.

Along with colleagues on Campus I wish to thank the Student Enrichment team: Eliza Pollard, Alexa Madden and Stacey Reed with a special acknowledgement of the ongoing support of the MCSA.

The Architects were given a taste of the vibrant nature of Campus life and were amazed by the number of students studying, talking, moving between classes, library and Campus eateries. They were visiting with me and our Properties team to discuss preliminary design options for future Campus refurbishment and I could not have hoped for a better demonstration of the dynamic nature of the Campus during Semester.

Experiencing the Campus requires a transition from the theoretical and abstract framework of conceptual design to appreciating the modifying factors of functionality, without losing a beautiful aesthetic. And there is the challenge.

Early consultation work has commenced with staff and the community about the proposal for the significant development on the corner of Napier Street and Victoria Parade; you may have seen the yellow Council posters on the Mary Glowrey Building and car park inviting the general public to review and comment on the overlay plan for our Campus.

We still have a way to go before the final form and function of the new building emerges from the consultative processes. However, we are hoping to complete the design and approvals process by the end of the year with the commencement of construction early next year.

Now onto exams…