Statistical Digest Update

Published: Wednesday 12th November 2014

The Office of Planning and Strategic Management (OPSM) has updated Section 9 – Unit Listing  in the Statistical Digest 2014:

Section 9 – Unit Listing

The report contains two worksheets:


This shows the student load (EFTSL) for 2009-2014 by Academic Organisational Unit (AOU) and AOU Faculty.

Headcount & EFTSL by Unit

This shows student enrolments (unit headcount) and student load (EFTSL) for 2009-2014 by Unit.

The data are based on student submissions to the Department of Education, actual data for 2009-2013 and the preliminary data for 2014.

The report is restricted to ACU staff and can be accessed via

Please click “Enable Content” when you open the file to ensure you obtain the latest data from the cube.