ACU Statistical Digest 2014 update

Published: Friday 23rd January 2015

The Office of Planning and Strategic Management (OPSM) has updated Section 7, Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) of the ACU Statistical Digest 2014:

  • The report has been updated to include the 2010-2013 national data (2014 national data is not available until April 2015).
  • Please note that from 2013 onwards, national data in this report only contains UA institutions, so the numbers will be different from the GCA publication.
  • Please be reminded that we have replaced the ‘Crude Broad Agreement’ by ‘Percentage Broad Agreement’ (PBA). The new measure enables us to benchmark ACU results against the national’s as published by the Graduate Careers Australia (GCA).
  • The PBA is calculated by aggregating the responses under the ‘Neither Agree nor Disagree’, ‘Agree’ and ‘Strongly Agree’ categories and exclude any invalid responses for each CEQ scale.

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